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How to make money through Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a website? Does your website get visitors? Would you like to make some money from those visitors? That is what affiliate marketing is all about - monetarising your website, whilst providing your visitors with useful and relevant information.

The affiliate programs directory will help you learn how to make money from your website by joining affiliate programs either hosted by third party affiliate networks (such as those listed on the left of this page), independent afffiliate programs (those hosted in house) and pay per click programs, such as Google Adsense.

Pharmaceutical affiliate programs are listed separately on the right, as they are something of an niche market and can generate high commissions from the right sort of website.

The best way of making money from affiliate programs is to make sure that any adverts you display are relevant to your visitors interests; the adverts should enhance your site - they should not interfere with it (beware aggressive popups - your visitors won't like them). For example, if you run a web site for your local chess club, you could have a link to Amazon featuring books about chess, or a link to a chess supplies website featuring chess sets and chess clocks. These are all items that your site visitors would be interested in having a look at. However, it would be inappropriate to have links to websites selling cosmetics or tap dancing shoes, as they would not be relevant. Google Adsense provides a way of adding targeted advertisements to your site with a minimum of effort. Because you are partnering with Google, there is no worry that the company will go bust and you won't get paid. However, these days it seems that every man and his dog is adding Google Adsense to their websites, and consequently the pay per click rate has become a lot lower. If you have a site with a lot of visitors, it may still be worth adding Adsense to your site. However, if you get less than, say, one hundred visitors per day, you are not likely to make an appreciable amount of money unless the targetted adverts displayed command a high cost per click, such as advertisements for loans or insurance.

One of the advantages of joining an Affiliate Network, is that you can join a number of affiliate programs and receive just one payment for all the commissions you get from them. This is great, because many smaller websites only make a small number of sales per month. Whilst the aggregated sales from all these commissions might be quite high (eg £100), each individual sale may only be a few pounds in value. To save on administrative costs, many independent affiliate programs impose a relatively high minimum payment, eg £50. This means, that with an independent program, you would have to earn £50 from just one program before you would receive your payment. With the affiliate networks, you would only have to earn £50 from a number of different programs - so they make it more likely that you will actually receive some money for your time and effort!

Don't be disheartened if when you start affiliate marketing, you only make small amounts of money. Keep working at your website, providing fresh and original content that the search engines will love. Over time, the number of visitors to your site will grow - and so will your income!